Walk cycles and footsteps is an important lesson to Young Animators, and will be part of your life once you become professional animators.

I will go detail for walk cycles soon, but for this post, I would like to share the important of precise footsteps.


As shown in the image above, you may saw 2 sets of drawings of footsteps. The first set is individuals drawing 1 by 1, while on the second set, it is combined. It is important to plan the distance of the footsteps and make it precisely otherwise, your animation walk cycle will look sliding and not accurate. And of course, it will reduce the quality of your work.

Drawing 1 – Foot fully step on the ground.

Drawing 2 – As the leg move up, the heel is going up while toes are still on the ground.

Drawing 3 – Foot is fully up, on air.

Drawing 4 – Heel contact with the ground, while the rest of the foot not contact yet.

Drawing 5 / 1 – You may reuse the same drawing as Drawing 1.

Try to work on your walk cycles and give extra attention to the footsteps, you will be amazed how the detail able to beautify your animation.



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